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Rules of stay in Dasht Noor entertainment and tourist complex

While welcoming you, dear guests, to the entertainment and tourist complex of Dasht Noor, we are ready to welcome you in the best possible way, and we hope that you will have good and memorable memories during your stay.
Please read the following carefully, thank you very much in advance for your cooperation, dear guest.
Rules of Dasht Noor Complex in Corona Conditions: To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is mandatory to use masks and follow health protocols in public places of Dasht Noor Entertainment and Tourist Complex, and due to the reduction of Corona, all Dasht Noor personnel They have been vaccinated to better serve our dear guests. All units are completely disinfected one day before the arrival of guests, and even if possible, there is a one-day gap between unit reservations.
Guest registration: Registration is done in two ways: 1) reservation through the Dasht Noor website 2) contacting the Tehran office and depositing the amount, the unit is reserved. Information including first and last name, national number, phone number and father’s name are required for issuing a voucher.
After the full payment of the reserved unit, the voucher will be sent to you, dear guests, by the colleagues of the Tehran office through WhatsApp, and after you have attended the complex and submitted valid identification documents and signed it, a copy of the voucher will be handed over to you. to be
Rates: All rates are listed on the Dasht Noor website and information is provided based on the approved and up-to-date rates of the collection management. Get the full price.
It should be noted that during Nowruz, the rates are different and in the form of multi-day packages, and reservations can only be made by phone with the Tehran office.
Requirements for people to stay in the complex: Guests must be a family to be able to stay in the Dasht Noor complex, and presentation of a valid identification card (identity card and national card) of all family members when entering the complex is mandatory, and guests They are obliged to observe all Islamic affairs during the rental period.
Check-in and check-out time in accommodation units:Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 12:00 PM. Dear guests, in case of delay in entering the complex, they should make the necessary arrangements with the manager of the rental unit at phone number 09194617263 Mrs. Babaei.
If you want to stay longer in the unit, you must coordinate with the rental unit manager and if approved, the additional amount must be paid for the stay.
Maximum capacity: The capacity of the units is based on 6 people and 8 people. Apartment blocks (6 people) and villa section have a capacity of 6 or 8 people. Due to the capacity of accommodation units, it is not possible to have more guests.
The reserved unit is only given to the number of people that are recorded in the voucher, and the entry and stay of additional guests inside the unit for any period of time is strictly prohibited. Additional guests must pay the entrance fee to enter the complex and use the entertainment zone. Pay for each car.
Children: Children under 2 years stay for free. As parents, you are personally and legally responsible for their supervision and care, and for safety reasons, please do not send children unattended inside the complex.
Facilities inside the units: It is possible to prepare food in the unit and equipment including tea maker, gas stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and kitchen utensils have been considered. Hair dryer, iron, prayer mat, paper towels, clean bedding are provided inside the accommodation unit, but dear guests must bring their personal hygiene items. A mini bar is loaded inside the refrigerator when dear guests arrive. An extra mattress and baby bed will be provided to you if you coordinate with the Tehran office in advance.Reservation of breakfast: Breakfast and any meal is not included in the rental package, and to reserve it, the necessary arrangements must be made with the manager of the coffee shop department the night before.
Special offer of the collection for accommodation units: The use of all sports fields, including football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, mini golf and children’s playground, and daily two people from each unit are free to use the gym. .
To use the tennis courts, bring a racket with you, and to use other courts, you can get the ball from the relevant official.
The rest of the recreational facilities of the complex, including boating and fishing, massage and spa, cycling, Leartag and archery tag and restaurant cafe, must be paid for.
Parking: Parking is provided around the reserved units.
Housekeeping services: The reserved unit is delivered to the guest in a clean and orderly manner, and during the stay period, if the guest needs to be cleaned more than once, it will be done by paying an additional fee. The units are rented to the guests in good conditions and without any prohibited odors. In case of violations such as the use of drugs or alcoholic beverages, dear guests must leave the complex immediately without any refund.
The housekeeping team is available to answer your requests, dear guests, every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
conditions for damage to accommodation units: guests are obliged to take care of the complete preservation and maintenance of the rental item and existing furniture and equipment, and in case of any damage, breakdown in audio, visual and electrical equipment and The equipment in the kitchen is the responsibility of paying the damages based on the amounts announced by the management of the complex. The guests in whose name the voucher is issued are responsible for any damage caused (intentional, negligent or careless) to the unit and the area of the complex and must return the rental item and the equipment and furniture in it at the end of the stay. Deliver correctly and safely.
The tenant is prohibited from moving to the area of other units, especially the green space belonging to the villa units, and in case of violation of the provisions of this paragraph, the responsibility of the damage caused to the beneficiaries is the responsibility of the violating tenant.
Party in the unit is prohibited: Dasht Noor Recreational and Tourist Complex applies the policy of not holding a party in the unit, and partying and causing disturbance with loud noise is not allowed. In case of violation, a verbal warning will be given once, and in case of non-compliance, the guests will be asked to leave the unit without refund.
Policy for keeping pets: The entry of any animals and keeping them in the accommodation unit is prohibited.
Lost items: Dasht Noor entertainment and tourist complex is not responsible for guests’ lost items. However, any goods left by the guests and found by the Dasht Noor personnel after leaving are collected and kept in a safe place so that the property can be returned if the beneficiary approaches and takes appropriate measures.
Traffic in the complex: Traffic with any motor vehicle (gasoline or electric), including cars, motorcycles, four-wheelers, etc., by people under the legal driving age and without the relevant license is strictly prohibited. And the management and security of the complex will be allowed to impound the vehicle in case of violation of regulations.
Conditions for canceling the rental reservation based on the policy of Dasht Noor Entertainment and Tourist Complex are as follows: Dasht Noor is not responsible for the weather conditions and the personal schedule of the guests.
A) If the applicant cancels within 48 hours after the reserved time for use, no penalty will be charged.
b) From 48 hours after making a reservation to 7 days before the tenant enters the accommodation unit, 80% of the total rent amount will be deducted.
c) From 7 days until the tenant enters the apartment, no money will be given to the tenant.
Swimming pool: The use of the complex swimming pool is possible only for one time with a 50% discount and only for the persons whose names appear in the accommodation rental voucher, and the use of the pool for guests outside of the accommodation voucher for payment. The cost is relevant.
It is forbidden to bring any food or drink into the pool area.
In case of adverse weather conditions, at the discretion of the complex management and to protect your health, the swimming pool will be closed immediately, and the cancellation fee will not be refunded. Please check the weather conditions before entering the complex and using the pool.
Guests entering the pool at any hour of the session must pay the full entrance fee and can use the pool with the provided ticket only until the end of the session. Please pay attention to the hours of the session.

Working hours of the facilities of the complex

Bodybuilding: 10am to 2pm for ladies/4 to 8pm for men. You can use the gym by showing how much you can use it. Contact number: 09194270158
Spa: 10 am to 2 pm/4 to 8 pm/both Time for both ladies and gentlemen/massage must be booked in advance
Boating and fishing: 10 a.m. until light
Riding: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m./2 p.m. to 6 p.m. To be done 09125420071 Mr. Dehghan
Sports fields: 10 am to 11 pm / by showing how you can use the services - call:09936125256
Coffee shop: 10 am to 11 pm call: 09194270158
Swimming pool: 10 to 15 - 16 to 20, call: 09194270158
Outdoor swimming pools
Town management: 09120501859/ Rental unit manager: Ms. Babaei 09194617263

Thank you for your attention
We hope to have the honor of hosting you again, dear guests