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The largest and best recreational-tourist complex in Iran

Providing all welfare and tourism facilities

Dasht-e-Noor is the largest and most comprehensive recreational- tourist complex in the north of the country, which is being constructed and operated by the private sector. The construction of this huge recreational tourist complex started in 2011 and the first phase was inaugurated by the order of the President (Rouhani) in 2015.
The construction of the other phases of the Dasht-e-Noor recreational tourist complex is still underway.
Various recreational and sports spaces in the vicinity of a 4 ha lake, along with beautifully and specially designed villas and residential apartments, have distinguished Dasht-e-Noor from other complexes.

Project site

This complex has been designed and operated in several different phases on a 35 ha land at a distance of 5 km from the sea.
Proximity and ease of access to the touristic cities of Noor and Royan, proximity to the touristic sites of Abpari and Lavich waterfalls, and the close distance (50 km) from Nowshahr airport are the advantages of this complex. Dasht-e-Noor recreational-tourist complex is located at 5th km of Noor-Amol road in a calm and pristine environment in the west of Noor forest park