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Investment in Dasht-e Noor

Investment in northern Iran has always been a good and attractive choice. Meanwhile, Mazandaran is a northern province in the country that is posed as a good investment option.
Dasht-e-Noor recreational tourist complex is located in one of the most pleasant areas of the province with very nice weather and pristine and beautiful nature in an area of 35 ha near Noor Forest Park.
This complex includes a diverse collection of villas along with the largest and most unique sports and recreational multifaceted complex. The official permits for this huge and unique project were issued in 2010 and the construction of all infrastructures and recreational and sports spaces started in October 2010.

Design ideas

Architectural principles have been the key to this project. In the meantime, the project has tried to avoid stereotyped interpretations and to design based on contextual elements.
The design of the project involves using the most prominent architectural and technical methodologies, mixed with artistic flavor and an endeavor to preserve the natural structure of the environment through the scientific and engineering principles to create a pleasant complex.

Project infrastructure

The construction of infrastructural facilities of the project, including access roads, gas, electricity, water, sewerage, and the obtainment of the necessary permits have been completely performed by the project owner and operator. The routes outside the complex are made of high-quality asphalt and those inside are all stone-paved.
Wastewater treatment systems of the Dasht-e-Noor recreational-tourist complex use the best kinds of instruments found in German markets. The purpose of using these products is to reduce water consumption by improving wastewater extraction and recycling methods. Advanced technology, ease of use, low energy consumption, high-quality construction, and international standards are other prominent features of these products.


After prominent consultants studied the potentials of the region, reviewed successful examples, assessed facilities, and made scientific predictions, the construction of the Dasht-e-Noor recreational-tourist complex started from utilities (water, electricity, gas), streets, entrance, managerial office, recreational and sports complex (equestrian complex, gym, soccer field, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts) and was put into operation in a short time. One of the unique features of the Dasht-e Noor recreational-tourist complex in its different zones, including villas, landscapes, and sports-welfare complex is the consideration of the natural environment and creating harmony with this environment.

Project advantages

Among the advantages of this complex are its unique welfare, sports, and recreational facilities, which occupy more than 20% of the project area. All of these spaces are located next to a natural lake with an area of 4 ha. .

Buy an investment property: Villa

Dasht-e-Nour recreational tourist complex has 3 residential phases. In phases 1 and 2, the villas of complex are built in blocks using modern, unique designs with different areas, alongside the beautiful landscapes of the lake, plain and jungle.

سرمایه گذاری با خرید آپارتمان و بلوک ویلایی

مجموعه بلوک های آپارتمانی دشت نور با الگو برداری ازکشورهای درحال رشد خاورمیانه به صورت بلوک های ویلایی 10 واحدی با 4 ورودی مجزا به صورت نقشه های قرینه در متراژ های متنوع به صورت واحدهای دوبلکس و فلت به بهره برداری رسیده اند.
سلختمان 15 طبقه دشت نور در زمینی به مساحت 1500 متر مربع با چشم انداز زیبای دریاچه و جنگل در قسمت شمال غربی مجموعه واقع شده است.
این پروژه در زیربنای 15000 متر مربع در 15 طبقه با تعداد 137 واحد با خاص ترین تکنیک های فنی و معماری روز جهان درحال ساخت است.
ازامکانات خاص این پروژه داشتن استخر 4 فصل ، لابی اختصاصی ، 2 لاین آسانسور مجزا ، روف گاردن ، سالن بدنسازی و…….. می باشد.

مهمترین نکات برای خرید ویلا و آپارتمان در شمال

Buy an investment property: Apartment and villa blocks

Construction and equipping Dasht-e-Noor Apartment Block Complex modeled on Middle Eastern developing countries has completed now. They are available in 10-unit villa blocks with 4 separate entrances and with symmetrical plans. They are of different sizes and in the form of duplex and flat units.
Phase 3 of Dasht-e-Nour recreational tourist complex is placed in a land with an area of 5 hectares, built using up-to-date modern style of world’s architecture alongside beautiful landscape of mountain and jungle.
This project is being built on the basis of 15,000 square meters in 15 floors with 137 units with the most special technical and architectural techniques of the day.
The special facilities of this project are having a 4-season swimming pool, a private lobby, 2 separate elevator lines, a roof garden, a gym, and so on.

Important points when buying an apartment in northern Iran