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Horseback riding in the forest

For the first time in Iran, equestrian training is fully provided in 10 sessions along with horseback riding in the forest by skillful trainers in the Dasht-e Noor complex.
Dasht-e Noor Equestrian Club is ready to host riders and sports lovers in a large and open space with experienced trainers. You can ride and have fun under the supervision of these trainers in recreational or professional courses.

Membership of Dasht-e Noor complex

Applicants for using the sports and recreational facilities in the Dasht-e Noor complex can become a member by paying an annual fee to use the facilities according to the rules of the complex. By joining the complex, you can also use the special discounts of different clubs.

Photography and birthday services

Guests who are to take photos with the themes of wedding, engagement ceremony, birthday, etc. in the recreation area at the western side of Dasht-e Noor Lake can contact us. The coffee shop of the complex also organizes birthday parties and the customers can make their most special memories with us.
Holding birthday parties for your loved ones from A to Z by using special themes based on your age and preferences, along with balloon decoration, natural flower arrangement, candle decoration, special cream cakes, and fondant, serving all of the menu items, various types of drinks and food, photography using natural daylight, night photography with studio lighting, making videos and clips, live music and ground and aerial fireworks are possible in the coffee shop of the complex.

The owners who do not use their villas in Dasht-e Noor recreational tourist complex during the holidays could contact the sales and rental center of the Dasht-e Noor recreational tourist complex to coordinate the renting of their properties

For more information, please contact us.  09194617263  WhatsApp    1859    02126768209