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The most luxurious town in North of Iran

Those who are willing to reside or buy an investment property, always look forward to choosing the most luxurious town in the North of the country. Why are they called luxurious? Because they have modern and special entertainment for all age groups; because of the size of the villa and the number of rooms intended for guests and family members; because of the construction quality and design; because of villa facilities and equipment such as pool, sauna, jacuzzi, roof garden, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. There are also some facilities available in the luxurious towns such as private tennis courts, brand department stores, security, carwash etc.

If you are looking for a luxurious town in North of Iran, having all the elements of a luxurious town, Dasht-e-Noor is one of the most significant ones.

Factors impacting the choice of the most luxurious town in the North of Iran

The geographical location of the villa is one of the factors that play an important role in the luxuriousness of the town and the price of the villa. If the villa has access to forest and sea, the two natural attractions, it will be considered more luxurious and have a higher price. The amenities of the complex play a remarkable role on the motivation of the owners and tenants to move in.

Purchase and rental prices of villas

The reasonable purchase and rental prices of villas in the most luxurious town of the North is also one of the reasons tourists and residents choose this town.

Geographical location of the town

Geographical location and climatic conditions as well as easy access to forest and sea are among the advantages of the most luxurious town in the North of Iran.

Amenities and entertainment facilities

Tourist and recreational towns in the north of the country are among the most luxurious towns due to their amenities for the residents of the town.

Why do people choose Dasht-e-Noor Recreational Touristic Town

Complete welfare and tourism facilities have made Dasht-e Noor the most luxurious town in the north of the country.
These include a variety of recreational activities for all age groups.
• Children playground
• Water sports such as fishing and rafting
• Equestrian complex with the best horse breeds
• Cycling by the lake
• Golf and mini golf fields for all ages
• Group games such as Laser tag sport-military game, archery tag, Bubble Football for adolescence and young adults
• Four-season pool that has just been built and is ready to use
• Bodybuilding complex on a 450 meters land in the heart of nature
• Spa complex with other beauty and skin care services
• Restaurants and cafés

Please note that due to the fact that Dasht-e-Noor is a recreational-touristic town, you can all use all these facilities
Buy an investment property in Dasth-e-Noor luxurious and modern town. Think of it as a special opportunity to invest or reside and use all the beauties of this unique town in the North of Iran.