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Buying apartments in the north

Buying apartments in the north
Due to excellent climates, the north of the country is one of the best places for investment as well as leisure time. That is why buying villas or apartments have flourished in this region.
Buying and selling villas and apartments in any region prescribe its conditions. Therefore, you should pay attention to many issues when buying a property in the north of the country, some of which will be examined below.

Important points when buying an apartment in northern Iran

Due to its proximity to the sea and the forest, northern Iran is very humid, which makes all types of buildings incompatible with this region. Therefore, to have a building resistant to humidity and to prevent problems such as floods (especially river spillovers), sound insulation, cold and heat insulation, and many others, we have to use specific architectural principles of humid climates.

The importance of building construction in northern Iran

One of the most important points to be observed when buying an apartment in northern Iran is its architecture and foundation. Some architects use wooden foundations which has its advantages, but since it is of low strength for two-story buildings and higher structures, mostly, steel foundations are recommended, and because they are encompassed by the concrete, problems like rust can be eliminated.

If you are planning to buy a villa in northern Iran and near the sea, you should pay attention to two very important issues: mapping and sloping, because these are the basic principles for the strength of the building, and you can easily obtain this information from the local municipality.

The steel structure is one of the most popular options due to its lightness and compactness. Also, it is a priority for most architects. However, since metal has a very low strength against humidity and corrodes over time, this alternative should be forgotten and the only available option will be concrete structure.

The next point to be observed when buying an apartment in northern Iran is access to basic facilities. It would be great if the villa or apartment you are buying is located in a pristine place, but you should be able to easily access the clinic or shopping malls if needed.

Buy an apartment in Dasht-e Noor

15-storey buildings have been constructed in Dasht-e Noor with a land area of 1500 m2, totaling 137 units. One of the prominent features of these apartments is the beautiful view of the lake and the forest, which is the priority in buying an apartment in northern Iran.
One of the distinguishing features of Dasht-e Noor apartments compared to other apartments in the north is the application of the latest technical and architectural methodologies, which have become accessible by technical experts in the complex. Also, the forest is located in the northwestern part of the complex.

Equipment of Dasht-e-Noor apartments

Four-season pool
Dedicated lobby
Two separate elevator lines
Roof garden

Due to its exquisite facilities, Dasht-e Noor recreational tourist complex is located next to other prominent complexes such as Amir Dasht, Ferdows, Khezershahr, Khaneh Darya, etc., and these special facilities have made it a distinguished complex compared to other northern complexes.

Importance of architectural styles when buying an apartment or villa

There are many and attractive architectural styles for villas, especially seaside ones. However, unfortunately, many greatly designed villas and apartments built in some areas have ruined the landscape due to the lack of coordination of the environmental texture.
Villas and apartments conform more closely to the customers’ ideals with minor changes, so when buying a villa or apartment, pay more attention to the generalities than, for example, the rust on the window frames.

How to better negotiate to buy an apartment in northern Iran

You have visited many real estate dealers as well as many individuals who are there who consult you. Yes, these people all want to sell you a property and they do it so delicately that they mostly succeed in convincing you to buy the villa or apartment! This is upsetting for the buyer, and the only thing that can keep you from harm is using the devices of a good and honest dealer.
One of the most important things to do when buying a villa or an apartment is to get quotes from a few real estate dealers. However, overdoing this is not of any advantage because negotiating with several sellers at the same time will make them distrust you, and here you are the one who will suffer losses!
Some people buy villas without visiting them. However, keep in mind that, as northern Iran has many beautiful and pristine areas, many villas are there here for sale, and this is a big alarm, not a great opportunity because it makes you think that all of them are almost the same and you may buy the property without researching. Therefore, you should buy the properties with an open mind and after gaining comprehensive information about the location and construction methods of the building.

خرید آپارتمان در شمال
خرید ویلا در شمال

How to buy an apartment or villa in northern Iran

First of all, pay attention to the above-mentioned items so that you do not suffer the fate of those who say “We liked it, we bought it”.

When buying a villa in northern Iran you have to be flexible and get along with the seller. In some cases, real estate dealers have a price limit. In these situations, you can do nothing and you should look for a property commensurate to your budget.

One of the best places to buy an apartment or villa in northern Iran is such places as recreational tourist complexes, which, apart from the beautiful environment, provide you with excellent facilities.

Among these areas, we can mention Khezershahr and Darya Kenar in Mazandaran. However, other regions provide the same facilities with much lower costs and higher quality. One of these is the Dasht-e-Noor complex which gives you the possibility of renting or buying a villa or apartment. Read “Investment in Dasht-e-Noor” for a free consultation or more information.