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Four-season pool

With an area of 700 m2 on a 5000 m2-land, and offering unparalleled facilities including sunbathing area, children’s pool, beach volleyball court, and children’s sand playground, the four-season pool project in Dasht-e-Noor recreational-tourist complex is under construction in the northern part of the recreation zone.


Game room

Interior view of the game room under construction located in Dasht Noor with exciting and diverse games such as
Billiard table, Air hockey table, Play station console, VR games, Foosball, computer dart board, Pinball.

Restaurant and Coffe Shop

Coffee shop and restaurant are built with an area of 450 square meters in the heart of recreational-sports section, beside the tennis fields, bodybuilding salon, horseback riding club, mini golf fields, etc., on a hill with an area of 3000 square meters. The artistic architecture along with the beautiful lighting and utilization of music player in two stories with open and indoor salons, have created a pleasant and unique environment altogether. Coffee shop and restaurant of the Dasht-e-Nour complex is ready to cater in the best way possible, with special menu and utilization of the freshest raw materials, and you can experience pleasant and calm moments in this place.

Horseback Riding Complex

The stalls building has been operated with regards to climate issues and mange locating and accordance with main idea of designing the Dasht-e-Nour complex. The form of building and its volumetric design has resulted in stall and horseback riding mange to be utilized near to each other and complementarily. In this complex, it has been made possible to do horseback riding and learning it with best races of horse and also doing patrol tours in Nour Jungle park individually and in-group.

Spa Complex

You will experience a different sensation of health and vitality in Dasht-e-Nour spa. The unique architecture with maintaining significant relationship of natural elements, rhythmic combination of color, lighting and pleasant music, and most importantly provision of luxurious service will satisfy you beyond your expectations. In Dasht-e-Nour spa complex, all kinds of relaxing and therapeutic massages are provided, and also the possibility of using other beauty and skin care services is created for ladies in this regard.

Bodybuilding Complex

Bodybuilding sector of Dasht-e-Nour complex is designed in accordance with other facilities and recreational-sports spaces and also with regards for the full and empty spaces surrounding it. The main idea is volumetric design, in a way that it exists from the heart of the nature and reaches its climax with its main lines, in accordance with the enclosure. The 9-metered consul of second story that stands without any kind of pillar has turned the building into a unique space in terms of design. This building is built with an area of 450 square meters in 2 stories, and owns all kinds of various bodybuilding and aerobic stations.

Boat Riding

One of the reasons that makes Dasht-e-Nour complex distinguishable, is a lake with an area of 4 hectares that makes it possible to use water recreations such as 6-person boats, pedal boats, kayaks and floating balls.


The existence of several piers beside the pristine and unique lake of the Dasht-e-Nour complex, provides people of all ages with the joy of fishing.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a group game similar to paintball (it is called laser paintball for the same reason), in which the players are equipped with an electronic vest (or headband), and target each other with a special gun, with the difference that there is not physical contact and no pain or discomfort is caused.

Archery Tag

Archery tag is a modern and recreational team sport, in which each player competes against the others with an arc and several foam arrows and safety equipment. This sport combines the best aspects of paintball and laser tag, and simultaneously enhances shooting skill and adds to the speed while fighting. This has caused archery tag to be one of the fastest spreading sports in its own kind.
you can experience all this exciting games in Dasht-e-Nour complex

Sport Fields

The sport fields Dasht-e-Nour complex including fields of tennis, basketball, volleyball, football which make it possible to do these recreations in groups.

Mini Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports of the world, in which the players of all ages can enjoy this recreating hobby by special sticks. Mini golf fields collection of the Dasht-e-Nour complex includes 6 fields specific for adults and 6 fields specific for children, in which the enthusiasts can practice the sport in international standards, personally or in teams.

Children’s Playground

Appealing and lovely recreations for children in Dasht-e-Nour


Biking in various spaces of complex and also in the shore of 4-hectared lake of the complex is another facility of Dasht-e-Nour.

Pedal Ground

Pedal is a racquet sport played between two individuals or between two doubles teams on a fully enclosed court with usually glass walls. The court of this sport is a combination of squash and tennis.
The pedal game is played on a rectangular court with dimensions of 10×20 meters. A 10-meter net with a height of 88 centimeters is installed in the middle of the court.