Where is the location of Dasht-e Noor?

Mazandaran province, 3 km away from Noor Azad University, behind Noor Forest Park.

How large is the Dasht-e Noor complex?

Thirty-five hectares, of which 10 hectares are the recreational part of the complex and include a 4-hectare natural lake.

When did Dasht-e Noor start its activity?

The construction of this complex started in 1390 and, its first phase was inaugurated by the order of the then-president in 1394.

What is the best path to get to Dasht-e Noor from Tehran, and how long does it take?

Haraz road, and if the road is not crowded, about 3 hours.

Is Dasht-e Noor complex by the road?

No, but there is an exclusive road that leads to Dasht-e Noor, and there are signs and billboards to guide the way.

How to buy and invest in Dasht-e Noor?

To invest, you can talk to the experts of the Tehran office by phone to be informed of the purchase conditions. Then, by attending the town and being presented by the agents of the North Office, if you are interested in a unit, you can pay a deposit and then buy it by attending the Tehran office and meeting with the town’s sales managers by signing a contract.

How can we make sure that the lands around Dasht-e Noor currently being traded belong to Dasht-e Noor?

Unfortunately, some scammers are using fake titles to advertise and sell agricultural lands as the new phases of Dasht-e Noor. The Dasht-e Noor complex has no new phases and no liability for such transactions.
Please contact the Tehran office in case coming across such issues.

Are Dasht-e Noor recreational facilities free for owners?

Only sports fields are free for owners. Separate fees must be paid for the other sections.

What is the fee charge of Dasht-e Noor units?

The charge is calculated annually and varies based on the unit’s area.

Is public access available to use recreational facilities? What is the entrance fee?

Yes. The cost per car was 200 thousand Tomans. Use of a 4-person boat is free. But to use other recreational facilities, a separate fee must be paid.

What are the periods of using the recreational facilities?

Coffee shop and sports fields: from 1 noon to 11 pm; Boating and fishing: until it gets dark.

What are the conditions for membership in the complex?

Membership is annual and for 4 million Tomans, which includes free entrance for members of the complex and one companion. Enjoying a discount on the use of some of the recreational facilities of the complex is also a membership privilege.

What are the conditions for photographing and filming of ceremonies?

The corresponding cost is 2 million Tomans, and only two cars can enter the complex. It is also necessary to coordinate with the town management in advance so that photography and filming can be done at certain hours and in designated locations. Photography and filming are not possible on public holidays and weekends.

Does the complex have a swimming pool?

The pool of the complex is under construction and will be operational by the end of 1400.

How to take photos with ponies?

Call Mr. Abdollahi at 09122685593.

What are the details of equestrian club membership?

One million and six hundred thousand Tomans for 10 45-minute sessions.

Does Dasht-e Noor have a forest horse tour? What are the terms?

Yes, the tour needs a minimum of four people, and the cost is 500 thousand Tomans per participant. Coordination must be made with the coach a few days in advance.

How much does a laser tag round cost? What is the required number of people? And what is the best time to use it?

The cost of a laser tag round is 100 thousand Tomans per hour. The minimum and maximum participants are 4 and 10, respectively. And the best time to use it is after dark.

How to rent residential units?

There are two ways to rent residential units: either through the Dasht-e Noor website at https://dashtnour.com/ and the online reservation section of the villa and apartments or by calling the phones of the complex through the Tehran office. A voucher will be issued after full payment of the rent.

What services are provided for free on the rental package?

All sports fields and gymnasiums are available for two people who have rented a unit. Also, a free minibar will be placed in the fridge for once.

In corona conditions, are health protocols followed in rental units?

Yes. Plus, at least one day before renting the unit, it is empty, and it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Does renting a villa require identification?

Yes, the presentation of ID cards is required for everyone.

Can single people also rent units?

No, renting is only available to families, and the presentation of ID cards is required.

Is the unit cleaned by the Room Service once more while it is rented?

Yes, but the cost of 400 thousand Tomans for each cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant.

Does the rental package include breakfast?

No. If desired, the guest must make the necessary arrangements with the coffee shop the night before, after paying the reservation fee.

Do rental units have the necessary facilities for cooking?

Yes, kitchen utensils, pots, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, and tea makers are available.

Do rental units have sanitary facilities?

No, but appliances such as irons and hair dryers are available inside the unit. Having a towel and other personal items is also the responsibility of the tenant.

Is it allowed to use music inside the unit?

As long as it does not cause noise pollution to other owners, there is no problem. It is also forbidden to use music from 12 pm to 8 am, as it will disturb others.

Is it possible to have Dasht-e Noor rent a unit on behalf of its buyer?

Yes. If you wish, coordinate with the Tehran Dasht-e Noor office so that the unit can be rented annually or daily by the company.

If buying from Dasht-e Noor, can the buyer's guests use Dasht-e Noor rental units?

Yes, they can use rental units for the corresponding fees.

Are rental units free to use the gym?

Yes, two people can use the club daily.

Does the coffee shop have delivery?

Yes. Call 09122685593 to coordinate with the head of the coffee shop department, Mr. Abdollahi.

How long do the coffee shop services take?

They take about 15 to 30 minutes.

Is it permitted to hold birthday parties in the complex?

Yes. Coordinate with the coffee shop department so that the ceremony can be held according to the package of your choice.

Does the coffee shop only serve fast food dishes?

Yes. Various hot and cold drinks are served along with a variety of fast food dishes at Cafe Lumiere.