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The best tourist destination in the north

بهترین مقصد گردشگری شمال

Where is the best tourist destination in northern Iran? Our beloved country, Iran, is full of tourism and tourist areas with pristine and unique nature. Since the north of Iran is geographically located in a region with good weather, traveling to these tourist areas has been chosen by many travelers and tourists.
One of the best seasons to travel to the north is in spring and summer. In this season, blooming trees and natural tourist attractions wear green clothes and enjoy double beauty.

Of course, it goes without saying that the north of Iran has its own beauty in all seasons. However, during the summer and Nowruz holidays, due to the closure of schools and offices, traveling to different places is more. Due to the numerous cities in the north, it becomes more difficult to choose the best tourist destination for vacation.
In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best tourist destination in the north of Iran. So stay with us to review the various aspects of this choice and proposal.
If you are planning to travel to the north of Iran, be sure to take enough time to choose a destination and check its features.
You should check and specify the weather conditions of the area, accommodation and your daily schedule for the trip so that you can make the best use of your vacation and time on the trip. In addition, you should pay attention to the costs of your trip and the budget you have set aside for this.
In general, the tourist destinations in the north are divided into two categories.

Unspoiled and natural tourism destination in the north

Since we are all born of nature, by seeing the natural and pristine places of different cities and countries and the untouched nature of the planet, our soul becomes polished and refreshed. And we are looking for places that few people have heard of or visited, or that area has not been touched by humans. If you are a different person and you want your travel destination to be special and different, look for dense but safe forests and stay with us until the end of this article.

Modern entertainment tourism destination in the north

Usually, the young generation and teenagers want modern and exciting entertainment while traveling, and most of them like to experience new entertainments in addition to natural attractions, the most famous of these entertainments in the north is Telkabin. It is located in Ramsar and Namak Abroud, although we must say that after several years and the unveiling of exciting modern entertainment, Talkabin has gained fewer fans. Now let’s have a review of the new entertainment in the north.

Types of entertainment in the north

Listed below are a number of recreations, which are pleasant in pristine and natural spaces, and modern recreations.

Entertainment in the pristine and natural areas of the north

Walking in the forest: One of the most enjoyable and simple pastimes is walking in the forest and natural spaces of the north, this is very pleasant with the green nature of the north and its pleasant weather. You should be careful that the forest you choose has a safe and secure environment.

Touring in the forest with a horse: people who love horses and riding are the best place for horseback riding in the northern forests, I suggest you try it once.

Fishing: If you want peace and are not a fan of exciting group games, we suggest fishing, even if you don’t have the equipment, you can use the equipment of fishing clubs located by the lakes. use.

Boating: Boating is one of the most popular activities in the North Sea, but if you are a fan of water, we suggest that you experience sailing in a natural lake this time and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. And enjoy the beauty of the lake.

قایقرانی در شمال

Apart from the entertainment and interests of adults, youth and teenagers, we should also pay special attention to the entertainment and diversity of children. So, if you are planning to travel with your family and there is a child with you, look for a tourist destination in the north that has a space for children to play so that all family members can enjoy their trip and vacation at the same time.

modern entertainment in the north

Bubble soccer: in this game, each person is trapped in a big ball and fights with their rivals. In this game, the most attractive moment is when your friend overturns with his ball and struggles to return to normal.

Archery tag: If you are interested in shooting and aiming, you must know archery tag or at least you have heard of it.

In this game, you have to defend yourself and defeat your rivals with archery in the open air and the northern nature. Or you can play this game individually with the aim of aiming.

Lasertag in the open air: the game of lasertag is in a way that you and your family or friends are divided into two teams and fight with laser guns in the real simulation space of the northern forests. You do.

Golf: The game of golf is so well known that it no longer needs an explanation, you can experience this game in the nature and climate of the north.

Almost all regions in the north are equipped with sports fields, but if you are interested in a particular sport, keep in mind that the tourist destination you choose in the north has a field for your favorite sport. so that you can do your favorite sport in the pleasant weather of the north.

زمین ورزشی در شمال

The best tourist town in Noor

All the entertainments that we mentioned above, from the interests of middle-aged people to children, are located in Dasht Noor entertainment tourist town.

This town was built next to a 4-hectare lake and the forests of Shahr Noor. On the other hand, use modern facilities and entertainment.

Of course, the activities that were mentioned are part of the recreational tourist facilities of Dasht Noor, you can find all these facilities from Possibilities of Dasht Noor Read and view.
To choose the best tourist destination in the north, in addition to entertainment, you should also pay attention to accommodation. In Dasht Noor town, villas and villa blocks with full facilities have been considered for the accommodation of dear travelers and tourists. But if you want a special place for If you are planning to stay, you can go to Dasht Noor at any time of the day and night and use the fantastic facilities of the town.
We hope you have a good and pleasant trip ahead and enjoy every moment.

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