Touring the Jungle with Horse

Complete teaching of horseback riding in 10 sessions, in addition to touring the jungle with a guide and horseback riding coach for the first time in Iran. Horseback riding club of Dasht-e-Nour complex is ready to host horseback riders and sport lovers in a vast and open space and experienced coaches. You can ride a horseback under the observation of coaches of this complex professionally or for recreation, and enjoy yourself.

Dast-e-Nour Complex Membership

Applicants of using the recreational and sport facilities of Dasht-e-Nour complex can be a member of the complex by paying the annual cost, and use the facilities of complex according to the rules.
Annual memberships for the members are as follows:
Golden membership fee
Silver membership fee
Blue membership fee
For more information and receiving the related forms, call the phone numbers of the complex.


Dasht-e-Nour complex has provided the opportunity for creation of special and pleasurable times for you, with its unique and various facilities. You can create an unparalleled experience for yourself and your family by residing shortly in luxurious villas of Dasht-e-Nour. For more information about residency conditions of Dasht-e-Nour, call 02126119280-3 and 1859 phone numbers.
Mohammad Reza Golzar in Dasht-e-Nour - North of Iran is the most attractive and beautiful region of country.
Facilities of Dasht-e-Nour – a distinct experience of recreations in Dasht-e-Nour.
Recreational tourist complex – experience a fast, secure and lucrative investment.
Investment in Dasht-e-Nour – special visit of Golzar from Dasht-e-Nour recreational tourist complex.