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Hard court sports fields

زمین ورزشی هاردکورت

Hardcourting of sports fields is one of the latest and most popular technologies in the construction of sports fields.

The construction technology in these lands is that first a layer of hard materials such as concrete or asphalt is placed in the bottom layer and then it is made of elastic polyethylene or acrylic materials.

Advantages of hard courts:

These fields are suitable for all seasons and weather conditions, so that even immediately after the rain, you can easily play on these fields, and they do not require maintenance and care like clay fields, and also compared to other flooring. They have very high rebound of the ball and absorption of high impact force. The friction of the flooring surface prevents the athletes from slipping and sliding, and due to their elasticity, they are very suitable for the health of the athletes and the lack of damage to their bodies in the face of impact.

Good news for sports fans: Dasht Noor sports fields will soon be equipped with an international standard hard court with an area of 3,000 square meters.

These fields are located in the most suitable sports location with easy access to the coffee shop and outdoor swimming pool of the complex.

The sports zone of the complex includes three tennis courts, a basketball court and a volleyball court, as well as a new paddle court, which is now under construction with the full standard of the International Paddle Federation. These fields are made of cushion type and acrylic system.

We give this good news to players and sports fans, especially tennis players, that soon, in addition to hard court sports fields, special services and facilities will be provided for you.

If you want to know about other facilities of Dasht Noor entertainment complex, read the entertainment and welfare facilities section of the complex.

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