Investing in the Dasht Nour

Dasht-e-Nour complex has various residential parts including villas, villa blocks and high-rise towers which has provided the possibility of investment for the enthusiasts by different conditions.
For more information, contact the investment department of the complex.
Successful investment in real estate section (villa and apartment) has a very different definition from what is commonly imagined in the public’s mind. One of the main criteria in the first stages of investment is planning and drawing a long-term landscape; also one should consider that the number of the investor’s real estate does not guarantee his/her success, but finding the appropriate place and condition for investment is the most important step in order to reach the goals.
What helps you nowadays in the path of investment in real estate sector is investing in a luxurious complex with recreational and welfare facilities, so that it provides an appropriate opportunity for you to do a unique investment.

Villa Sale

Recreational tourist complex

Dasht-e-Nour recreational tourist complex has 3 residential phases. In phases 1 and 2, the villas of complex are built in blocks using modern, unique designs with different areas, alongside the beautiful landscapes of the lake, plain and jungle.

Apartment Sale

Recreational tourist complex

Phase 3 of Dasht-e-Nour recreational tourist complex is placed in a land with an area of 5 hectares, built using up-to-date modern style of world’s architecture alongside beautiful landscape of mountain and jungle.

These units have been and designed and built in twelve-storied towers with an infrastructure of 10000 square meters, and also three-storied blocks with an infrastructure of 1000 square meters in duplex and flat forms with various areas.